December Update

It has been an eventful couple of months

In October the Special General Meeting was held and a committee has been elected:

Chief Instructor: Tatsuya Fukuda
President: Darryl Tong
Secretary: Tasha Derrett
Treasurer: Robin Hanson

Committee Members: Taylor Winter, Massa Niimi.

The South Island Kendo Championships were hosted by the Aotearoa Kendo Club in Christchurch where Tasha successfully graded to ikkyu.

In November the Inter-Club Championships between OKC and IKC were held in Invercargill. The competition was spirited and each match was hard fought. A good time was had by all with most people going home with a medal.

In December, the last 2012 training session with Tatsuya will be on Saturday 8th of December from 10am at the Logan Park High School gym.

The final training day for the year will be the 20th of December at our usual training venue, the Mornington School Hall.

The first training day for 2013 will be 15th January.